New late summer menu!

Tomatoes! Corn! Zucchini! This is summer's stride, and we've got a new menu to embrace it. Check it out!

Root to Fruit Harvest Dinner!
Aug 19

Drawing from our own gardens and the bounty of nearby farms, we will be offering an imaginative seven course tasting menu that will be an inspired and playful journey through the summer harvest, an all-veg menu showcasing the local flavors from root to fruit in creative and fun preparations. Because Chef Jordan enjoys a challenge, each course will spotlight a different plant family - nightshades, legumes, alliums, brassicas, etc, riffing off traditional dishes, but re-visited in ways that we trust will surprise and delight.


Poaceae (grass)
Corn dumpling wrapped in local wheat served in a toasted barley broth

Fabaceae (legume)
Pickled pole beans salad with mesquite-smoked bean sprouts

Allioideae (allium)
Roasted garlic soup with pickled shallots
Served with pan-fried leeks stuffed with onions, topped with a leek cream sauce

Solanaceae (nightshade)
Tomatoes stuffed with peppers and eggplant, topped with crispy potatoes

Cucurbitaceae (cucurbit)
Zucchini "pasta" with brown butter sauce and crispy cucumbers

Brassicaceae (crucifer)
Roasted cauliflower with braised red caggabe and kale chips

Umbelliferae (carrot)
Carrot custard with candied fennel and fried parsley


Tuesday, August 19, 2014 @ 6:30pm
Seven courses / $52 per person
plus tax & gratuity

Suggested wines to be paired with each course
will be available by the glass.


Reservations required
413-863-9006 or

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